Reconsidering Museums Report: This report provides an overview of the Reconsidering Museums project including data collected as part of the engagement campaign Museums for Me and an overview of the resources available in the toolkit. Start here for a comprehensive look at the project.


What We Heard Report: This report provides an in-depth analysis of what we heard through the Museums for Me engagement campaign including methodology, themes, and two appendices with the survey and public opinion polling data. Read this if you want to get more in depth on the data.


Trust and Value Report: This report provides a comparative analysis of a 1973 study on Canadians’ perceptions of museums with the data collected in 2021 as part of Museums for Me. Read this if you want to learn how Canadians’ perceptions of museums have changed or stayed the same.


Fact Sheets: These fact sheets provide specific data points and quotes from survey respondents in relation to the changing functions of museums. Use these data points to strengthen how you speak about the role and value of museums.

Role and Value of Museums Fact Sheet

Local Museums Fact Sheet

Activate Fact Sheet

Advocate Fact Sheet

Amplify Fact Sheet

Collaborate Fact Sheet

Communicate Fact Sheet

Learn Fact Sheet

Inspire Fact Sheet